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SS II series of DC magnetron sputtering power supply

updated: 2015/7/12 20:11:12    hit:24
SSII - 30 ,SSII - 60 is to design and manufacture of solar thermal collectors of low price, high performance, high stability and upgrading of products, including   SSII - 30 output current 50 A, SSII -60-100 A output current
* using IGBT as power device, has a long stability and weather resistance, long-term power supply design
* water-cooled air-cooled modular cooling guarantee cooling effect and avoid condensation
* automatic power limit, avoid big arc formation to film density and improve the bonding force
* the working state of the automatic target recognition, short circuit protection automatically
* wash target speed
* you can choose the constant current, constant power mode
* 100% duty cycle

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