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BOMB IIIS series of Bias power supply

 BOMB IIIS series of Bias power supply works inhigh frequency conversion modeofLevel 2��unipolar pulse output .Power supply voltage is adjusted by changing the voltage of the power supply of high frequency transformation circuit to realize, adjustable voltage circuit with1% stable rate. High frequency transform circuit generates10-90% width adjustable pulse voltage. Because the output voltage of the power supply and pulse width adjusted independently, in the process to meet the desired voltage at the same time, by changing the pulse width to control the workpiece temperature rise. It is used for various types of coated tools and decorative coating.

Power range 


Input power

AC380V three phase four wire systemAC50-60HZ + 10%

Output mode 


Output voltage

0-180V 0-500V 0-1000V

Pulse frequency


Pulse percentage

10-90% continuous adjustment

The stability of the output voltage ratio Pre regulator,Load voltage10%
Cooling mode

10-40KW air cooling

40-80KW water cooling

The use of the environment

Ambient temperature : 0-40C

Ambient humidity : Relative humidity �� 85%

Clean air��No dust��Non corrosive flammable gas��Good ventilation

Cooling water

Clean��does not contain minerals and other soluble substances

Water temperature : 20-30��

Pressure : 0.15 + 0.05Mpa

Communication mode


Description The power supply output data according to the use need to be adjusted accordingly


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