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SSDH series of Intermediate frequency Magnetron sputtering power supply

SSDH series of Intermediate frequency Magnetron sputtering power supply  work in the secondary high frequency conversion mode, AC sinusoidal output . The power supply output frequency can be set to100��125��150��175��200KHZ��or 200��250��350��400 KHZ��For compound film deposition and related technology development.

Power range 

AC380V  three phase four wire system AC50-60HZ + 10%

Output mode 

AC Sine wave

Output frequency

100��125��150��175��200KHZ����200��250��350��400 KHZ

Output voltage


Output features

Constant current     Constant pressure     Constant power

Arc extinction time


The stability of the output voltage ratio


Cooling mode


The use of the environment

Ambient temperature : 0-40C

Ambient humidity : Relative humidity �� 85%

Clean air��No dust��Non corrosive flammable gas��Good ventilation

Communication mode


Description ��The power supply output data according to the use need to be adjusted accordingly



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