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BOMB VS series of bias power supply

BOMB VS series of Bias power supply work in level two high frequency conversion mode��three output modes of Positive and negative dual polarity pulse��Reverse unipolar pulse,Positive unipolar pulse . The power of positive and negative voltage independent adjustment, frequency and duty cycle adjustment.Because the output with bipolar features, so can advance inhibition of workpiece surface accumulation of charge caused by the phenomenon of striking,and change rules of film color film deposition, has a regulatory role. Voltage and duty ratio separately adjusted, can realize high pressure low temperature deposition, it is applied to the temperature sensitive element, special color film production and technology development of a variety of application environment.

Power range  10-80KW  [not including accessory power supply]
Input power AC380V  three phase four wire system AC50-60HZ + 10%
Output mode  Output bipolar pulse / reverse unipolar pulse / forward unipolar pulse
Output voltage 0-500V 0-1000V[the main power supply,pulse output is the peak voltage]
Pulse frequency 1-20KHZ
Pulse percentage The pros and cons of complementary 10-90% continuous regulation
A auxiliary power 6KW/12KW
A side power output voltage DC0-100V
The stability of the output voltage ratio 1%[ Resistive load]
Cooling mode

10-60KW  air cooling

60-80KW  water cooling

The use of the environment

Ambient temperature : 0-40C

Ambient humidity : Relative humidity �� 85%

Clean air��No dust��Non corrosive flammable gas��Good ventilation

Cooling water

Clean��does not contain minerals and other soluble substances

Water temperature : 20-30��

Pressure :  0.15 + 0.05Mpa

Communication mode Analog/RS485/RS232
Description The power supply output data according to the use need to be adjusted accordingly

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