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FLOW-1N4 series of Gas flow control power supply

This productis a gas mass flow control matching control, display, power equipment.The various gas mass flow for precise control, measurement, display. Its main features as having up to four gas application independent control, proportional control, independent proportion composite control. Applicable to all kinds of requires precise control of gas flow of occasions, including proportional control to meet the repeated production processconsistency.FLOW �C 1N4 sets the external control need 5 0 to 5 v analog input interface, four control mass FLOW controller switch state switch interface and a total power switch machine interface.FLOW �C 1N4 interchange are suitable for all kinds of production line automatic control gas , but also take into account the operation of the unit

Input power

AC220V + 10%  50-60HZ

Control channels

4 channels

Control mode

proportion, independent, proportional / independent manual selection, flow manual adjustment

The controller open * close manual control and external control

The power switch machinist dynamic control and external control

Response time





440mm * 142mm*258mm



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