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SIC-I series of anode layer ion source power supply


SIC-I series ion source power for Holzer ion source operating power supply, It provides require for the Holzer ion source, that Filament power and anode filament power. These power are adopt the switch mode ,and have good stability and high work efficiency.

Power 澳门永利赌城
Filament power supply 1.5KW
Anode power supply 5KW
Input power

AC380V three phase four wire system  50-60HZ + 10%

Filament power supply 55402com永利
Output voltage AC36V

Output current AC40A

Anode power supply
Output voltage DC300V [NO-LOAD]

Output current DC20A

The stability of out


Cooling mode

Air cooled

The use of the environment

Ambient temperature : 0-40C

Ambient humidity : Relative humidity �� 85%

Clean air��No dust��Non corrosive flammable gas��Good ventilation


The power supply output data according to the use need to be adjusted accordingly


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