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SAZ series of Arc power supply

SAZ series of power supply work in high frequency conversion mode, DC output, the supply current is adjusted by changing the frequency converter pulse width to achieve. Circuits using zero voltage switch ( ZVS ) technology, low dissipation, good electromagnetic compatibility, It uses current sensor as the current sampling and has higher stability of current. Because the power is larger, so it suitable for large planar target and cylindrical target. This Power supply efficiency is high, compared to silicon rectifier power saving about 45%

Power range 

SAZ-250 type  6.5KW

SAZ-315 type  8KW

SAZ-400 type 10KW

Input power

AC380V three phase four wire system AC50-60HZ + 10%

Output voltage

no-load 80V

Output current

SAZ-250 type 260A

SAZ-315 type 320A

SAZ-400 type 410A

The stability of the output current


The Load Continued rate

SAZ-250 type 200A 100% , 260A 80%

SAZ-315 type 250A 100% , 320A 80%

SAZ-400 type 300A 100% , 400A 80%  {The cycle is 30 minutes}

The use of the environment

Ambient temperature : 0-40C

Ambient humidity : Relative humidity �� 85%

Clean air��No dust��Non corrosive flammable gas��Good ventilation

Cooling water

Cleaning : Don��t contain minerals and other soluble substances

Water temperature:20-30��

Pressure��0.15 �� 0.05 Mpa


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